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NADCA registered commercial air duct cleaners
NADCA Registerd Commerical Air Duct Cleaners

Quality Air Services was established in 1989 by Eddy Chase. At that time, sick building syndrome and legionnaire’s disease were hot topics in the Indoor Air Quality industry. Eddy made it his goal to increase awareness about Indoor Air Quality issues and provide a service that would assist in creating a cleaner environment in facilities where the HVAC systems would otherwise be left untouched.

Over the past few decades, IAQ has become more of a prevalent issue in the routine maintenance of facilities. Creating a clean, safe, and healthy environment for faculty and the public is a priority that many companies are focusing on. As a long standing member of NADCA, Quality Air Services will help with these needs while providing stringent cleaning practices. In doing so, QAS has been commissioned to perform projects in a wide array of commercial and industrial locations ranging from Schools to Pharmaceutical Laboratories, with great success.

We are located in San Leandro, CA. Our San Francisco Bay Area Location puts us in prime position to service all of the West Coast. We will go where we are needed. Our mobile units have all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right.

QAS uses 99.97% HEPA filtration on all collective devices (including vacuums, negative air movers, and truck mounted collection systems) to ensure environmental control, and reduce cross contamination. Our truck mounted equipment has the ability to produce upwards of 21,000 CFM of negative pressure, essentially turning the HVAC system into a central vacuum. This power allows us to remove sources as small as dust particulate and as large as construction debris! 

We are happy to provide free estimates on any commercial projects, large or small.

Feel free to contact Quality Air Services at 510-728-7700 for more information.