Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning services
Air Duct Cleaning
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Mold Remediation

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning 
QAS has been providing Air Duct Cleaning services for over 25 years and has the expertise to produce results in any commercial facility. We employ NADCA standards to clean Air Handling Equipment, Supply/Return/Exhaust Systems, VAV/Mixing Boxes, Dryer Duct Systems, etc.

Cleaning the HVAC system(s) in your facility will improve indoor air quality for faculty and the public, provide increased energy savings, and assist in increasing the longevity of your HVAC system. Utilizing advanced technologies paired with superior cleaning methodologies makes for an efficient and complete air duct cleaning project.

Mold Remediation 
In cases where mold is present, it is best to act quickly to reduce the chance of contamination spreading into multiple systems. QAS has the knowledge and experience to contain the affected area and remediate the mold from the system(s). We then disinfect and take measures to provide a preventative approach to the return of Mold.

Lead abatement 
When an HVAC system is contaminated with Lead, immediate action is required. Lead Poisoning can cause central nervous system damage, learning and behavioral disorders, and can damage kidneys and reproductive organs. Lead Contamination can be caused by renovations in which HVAC systems are exposed to lead based paint, or lead dust.

QAS has the experience to remediate Lead contamination in clean environments such as hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, schools, etc. QAS creates containments to ensure there is no cross contamination.

Air and Surface Sampling 
Whether you’re testing for Lead, Mold, or Asbestos, QAS can assist in the sampling process to ensure appropriate precautions are taken during the testing process so a controlled environment exists for the test. Once the sampling is complete, the samples are taken to a third party Laboratory for results, which are then sent to you.

Pre/Post Inspections 
If an inspection of the HVAC system is required, QAS can provide you with an in depth report of findings. These reports include extensive photographic documentation for a visual representation of findings, locations of findings marked on supplied blueprints, a full written report with recommendations, all in an electronic file for your records.