Custom High Reach Cleaning Projects

High reach HVAC cleaning
Going up to Clean

Indoor Air Quality can be affected by many different variables. In commercial and industrial settings, common areas where the public and faculty reside can become contaminated by debris and particulate, making air quality noticeably worse. QAS can provide you with customized cleaning projects of these common areas to remove debris from designated surfaces in order to make for a healthier, cleaner environment.

Catwalk Cleaning –
Over time, catwalks can become neglected and debris, bird droppings, rodent droppings, etc. can begin to accumulate on hand rails, ladders, and walkways. To avoid further contamination of the rest of the building, QAS uses all HEPA filtered collection devices to reduce cross contamination. QAS employees are certified lift trained to be able to maneuver scissor lifts/boom lifts into tight spaces and high level areas.

Grille/Diffuser Cleaning –
High mounted grilles and diffusers can also become neglected for long periods of time. QAS has the expertise and knowledge to get these components clean and free of debris that may contaminate work spaces if otherwise left unattended. Our lift certified employees can use high reach equipment to make sure we get the job done right.

Support Beam Cleaning –
Structural beams will begin to accumulate debris if left unattended. This debris can become a health hazard if left unattended. Our high reach experience enables us to reach these areas and clean the debris to remove any hazards.

Mezzanine Plenum Cleaning –
Plenum return systems have a tendency to become highly contaminated with debris over time. Conduit, Piping, fixtures, ballasts, etc. begins accumulating debris that can be considered a fire hazard. It is necessary to remove these contaminants to ensure a safe and healthy environment. QAS has the necessary experience to remove debris from these plenums and create a clean, safe environment.

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