Restoration of HVAC System

HVAC component refurbishment
HVAC system resurfacing

Keeping your facilities’ HVAC system in optimal operating condition is a high priority as it is one of the largest investments made in the construction of a building. Over the years, environmental conditions add to the deterioration of the system(s) causing reduced efficiency, and increased energy consumption. QAS offers HVAC restoration services as an alternative to replacement.

Repair/Replacement of Fiberglass Insulation 
High velocity air flow, constant heating and cooling, and external environmental conditions eventually lead to the breakdown of components. One of the more fragile components of an HVAC system is the insulation. Whether internally lined or externally wrapped, fiberglass insulation breaks down at a rapid rate when exposed to each of the aforementioned causes. This can lead to friable fiberglass particulates traveling into the air stream, contaminating work environments, causing respiratory issues, and eye and skin irritations.

If it is determined that repair or replacement of the insulation is necessary for the designed operation of the system, QAS can perform internal or external insulation replacement to specifications.

Encapsulation of Internal Fiberglass Lining 
When an HVAC systems internal insulation becomes old, broken down, and friable, it is usually determined that replacement is necessary. QAS has been using products that can remove this mindset and provide a low cost alternative to replacement. By encapsulating the existing internal insulation, a new surface is created that will extend the life of the installed lining. Encapsulation will lock in all friable fibers and particulates embedded in the fiberglass to prevent contamination in common areas. Anti-Microbial encapsulation is also offered in circumstances where mold/bacteria are present.

Rust Remediation and Resurfacing
When HVAC system components are exposed to moisture, corrosion and rust buildup can become a problem in which the system components break down, or reduce in functionality. Not to mention, rust particles can enter into the air stream and contaminate indoor common areas.

QAS has the experience to remediate rust and apply a top coating that will prevent rust from re-appearing. Locations where corrosion has eaten through components will be patched, repaired, and a rust preventative top coat applied.

Rust remediation and resurfacing can be performed on internal/external panels, condensate pans, duct work, housings, framework, and much more.

Condensate Pan Restoration
When a condensate pan becomes corroded, leaks can form, drains can become plugged with metal flakes, and water becomes stagnant eventually creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. QAS performs condensate pan restoration as an alternative to replacement. The rust is remediated, and a new surface is installed in the existing pan. Condensate pan restoration saves time, money and labor costs as opposed to a full pan change out.

Coil Coatings
In certain cases, mainly on new equipment, the option to apply an aftermarket corrosion resistant coil coating can be performed. Our partner company Gorilla Coatings Corp. performs coil and cabinet coating on HVAC/R equipment. This coating is applied in place so there is no need to remove equipment and/or discharge refrigerant. Applying corrosion resistant coatings will ensure your product will last its intended lifespan and operate at peak performance for that life span.

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